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Will Obama make a change? Is Romney's politics better?
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Should Obama be given a second chance or Romney is who America needs?

Will Obama make a change?

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Is Romney's politics better?

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You need to remember that Romney is going to increase military spending. With Obamas model Americans would get at least some of their money back in services, infrastructure and investment in the future. I have no faith that Romney could actually cut spending.

You also need to remember that he is not for a flat tax, only a tax cut all around in the current system. He has said he is going to close loop holes that the rich use, so he will tax them at the same rate essentially.

He has for a model of health care that is very similar to Obamas model. Universal health care will also benefit corporations, if not then why did Obama win again? You think it has nothing to do with corporations wanting a handout? It's hardly worth the two block drive to go cast your vote. So what is happening is basically this:

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The majority of voters did the right thing by re-electing Barack Obama. They knew who the right candidate was.

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I belive that President Obama shouldn't get a 2ed chance but I also belive that Mitt Romney is not a fit replacement.

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I don't like Romney but let me remind all you Obama supporters of something.

You don't need to donate to his campaign to help him get elected, in fact, if you pay taxes, you already have donated to his campaign. Obama has used your money to give people who don't work more hand outs (including phones that are nicer than the ones you have) while you struggle to get by. So you don't need to donate, because Obama is buying votes with your money.

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LOL...and GWB didn't "buy" people with their own money by giving them tax breaks during his term?? Please...

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I never said anything about GWB, just cause one politician does something corrupt doesn't mean its ok for all the others to do.

And by the way, saying "here, I won't force you to pay as much" is different than saying "here, I'll extort money from someone who earned it and give it to you for free"

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