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Should Patriotic Banners Be allowed at the Olympic Games?


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A patriotic banner is a flag. Of course they should be allowed.

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Yes! It shows pride in the nation from which you are are representing. It allows the athletes to feel like they aren't all alone in a different country when they see their country's banner.

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well if everyone had one would it be any different to everyone not having one?

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it seems that pride in your own nation is becoming something "wrong".

I remember on flag day in my school, we couldn't bring flags... why? Political Correctness bullshit. We can't be proud of our upbringing, cause it might offend others. Fuck them. That's always been my answer to that PC questioning.

If someone in the Olympics is offended by my American Flag, then fuck them, up their pansy ass.

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well if everyone had one would it be any different to everyone not having one?

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As a "Patriotic Banner" the flag of the country should suffice. I suspect, however, that the author of this debate means something other than a flag to denote patriotism! This is something that dilutes the principles of the games themselves. The Olympic Motto is; Citius, Altius, Fortius, which is Latin for "Swifter, Higher, Stronger." The Olympic Flag is comprised of five circles on a white background which denotes the 5 continents represented in the games plus a color of every flag that is represented is shown. We look for the best of the best in the world and in each sport. When the top three athletes in the world stand on the podiums to accept their medals each flag is brought down and each anthem is played. It's a class act, no matter what you personally believe in.

If we had the addition of banners in the Olympiad I'm afraid it would enflame, insult and bring attention to one's personal beliefs. That's not what the games are about and hopefully never will be. During the Summer and Winter games we put aside our differences as individuals and countries in order to compete in the world's largest sports competition. In order for it to remain so we must not allow our personal thoughts on patriotism to interfere with the games lest one day the Olympics become ancient history and can no longer be played. The way it is now allows the playing field to be leveled in the best way possible. One participates for the love of their sport and for the love of their country. Let it remain so, in all its simplicity.

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