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Should Porn be Banned for Good?


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If you could find a way to distinguish "legitimate" intimacy videos from "porn" sure.

But either way; good luck. Why not try to ban alcohol again, it is something almost anyone can make and distribute.

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What? Understand that the concept of porn isn't anything of a illegal premise on a broad spectrum. If your just referring to the porn the common 18 or 40 year old watches to beat his meat too, then it's nothing illegal. Sure, it could be immoral in your book but such partisan view isn't applicable to everyone.

The title of this debate certainly is strange as if it implied that porn is gradually being "banned." Child pornography is already illegal so I don't really see anything else that needs to be censored or removed in the porn world in legal context.

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pirateelfdog(2655) Clarified
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Just so you know, porn is restricted in some countries. For example, great Britain recently made the creating of porn videos featuring certain content (such as bondage) illegal. So some restriction is already in place.

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Adult pornography is Free Speech. It should be available to all who want it.

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