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Should Self-Driving Cars be a thing?

Self-Driving cars are approaching rapidly and personally I have seen many arguments over them.  Thoughts?


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Really self Driving cars is the huge advancement towards the technology in the present decade. While the world is getting better day-by-day and humans are hectic in the working hours many do not find time to learn about driving their own vehicle. Here is where the autonomous cars plays a predominant role. The United states started to deploy those cars in public roads where these cars just ply the way.Thanks to the technology giant Google which initiated this process in attempting a miraculous effort and made it a success. This advancement as well has both pros and cons.Every thing has to be visualized in a optimistic way for the betterment of human society. So to me the introduction to this autonomous technology is really considered to be a boon to this generation.

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Self driven cars are the future for the automobile sector. They would reduce the amount of stress for everybody. Also, if self driven cars would come into existence, the number of road accidents would decrease due to increased technology. With this, the creators of the cars can install safety features which would prevent over-speeding,overtaking from wrong side,red light jumping etc. inside the main system of the cars. i conclude that self driven cars will help everybody a lot and allow humanity to achieve greater heights in the domain of technology.

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With the way things are going right now, I don't think that self-driving cars should be a thing for quite a while. I just don't see a system where real drivers and self-driving computers integrate well. If anything, it may cause more accidents for the sheer fact that the computer can't and will not be as capable to handle some situations.

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No I doubt a machine can do tasks like self driving perfectly like humans.

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