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Should Smoking Be Illegal

we are having this debate (Probably) for a class debate thing. and I wondered what other people who didn't live in our area and didn't go to our school would think about this.


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I am a loather of any and all recreational drugs.

The reason is that anyone who values physical pleasure over physical health is clearly delusional in their priorities and is acting in a suicidal manner that, in any context other than drugs, would suggest seeking therapeutic help to stop wanting to reduce one's life-span.

Since the purpose of law is to protect people from both others and themselves (hence we have legally compulsory rehabilitation for drug addicts) it would only make sense to ban a drug as carcinogenic and health-debilitating as Tobacco, especially in the form of Cigarettes where most smoking tubes have orange paint on the end, meaning you are literally breathing in gaseous paint particles.

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Hell yes. Although it's a right to, I feel it falls under the same category as crack or weed.

What I mean is, their are functioning crack head that didn't die from their first use, and may never die, just as their functioning cigarette addicts that didn't die, and may not, but either of them could get sick and or die at any time, so the rules shouldn't be different.

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Saurbaby(5579) Disputed
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The difference is I wouldn't get in a car with some who just smoked pot or did crack, they're mentally impaired, whereas someone who just smoked a cigarette isn't and is fine to drive or make rational decisions. If they're killing themselves, then that's their problem.

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Quocalimar(6470) Disputed
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What if you didn't know the dangers of smoking crack, like the people who 1st discovered it and other opiates didn't.

Would you then hitch a ride with them, thinking it was an innocent drug like cigarettes?

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smoking is bad for health it also shortens yourlife and it also cause horibble diseases

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I am against drug abuse in all forms and am from a family of smokers (although I don't smoke myself) I do however drink.

If you are going to ban smoking you need to ban a hell of a lot of other things. It is a choice for those people and a choice they have made. A long with other things we can choose to do which may or may not damage our health, drinking, over exercising, protein shakes, coffee. Passive smoking may be a big issue to some people, however I bet these people drive cars which cause a hell of a lot more dangerous pollution than the guy smoking outside the door of a restaurant.

Banning these things is not the answer, I know that smokers in the UK have decreased since smoking was band from indoor public places, maybe hiking up the prices and increasing Tax will make a difference but there is no need to ban them.

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its not the business of anyone to control what another person does with their own body.

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States make too much money from the sales of cigarettes. If smoking were to be illegal, States would find some other commodity to tax.

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