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Should Space Travel be Banned?

Space travel is the thing that several young people may dream about at night; but is it really the sort of thing that we should be encouraging?


There are some reasons that space travel shouldn't be encouraged: 


Every ten years Russia will spend ten trillion pounds on space travel.


There is no price to be made for life and if the slightest thing goes wrong in the planning of space travel things can go very wrong.


However there are some reasons why it should:


Extra resources can be found on neighbouring planets that we can make use of.


When our sun explodes I a lot of people would like to be on another planet (this isn't out of our grasp - one of Jupiter's moons: Europa is hopefully going to be landed on by NASA in around 20 years).


Space holidays could bring a lot of money to the country or organisation who organises it first.


There are several more reasons for each of these but I thought putting three examples on each would be a good idea. The reason I chose this debate was because it was previously held at school and some of these statistics were gathered from fellow pupils.


Space Travel - Good or Bad?


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Space traveling should be banned because it is a complete waste of money. Until 2012 our biggest achievement is only sending man to the Moon which is not noteworthy .

Through these years of traveling research we cannot even send man to Mars, our nearest neighbor planet. When we look into history, we find that space traveling was a fight for prevalence and superiority between Russia and USA.

Leave aside Yuri Gagarin or Neil Armstrong, space traveling nowadays is only useful as a story core for producers and directors to rake in millions through their films( Transformers 3).

Besides, space traveling have only increased our fear for DOOMSDAY. Thinking of meteor shower or solar flares, it is just torturing our minds and scaring us off our life on Earth.

Actually the money we spend for space traveling can be beneficially diverted to help resolve the poverty situation in countries such as Somalia and Bangladesh. Just think about it, when we spend trillions of dollars on an insecure space mission but we neglect the hunger and welfare of thousands and thousands of people of our own planet.

When man lands on Moon, he said " One small step for a Man, One giant leap for Mankind". So, the giant leap does not count at all when we are facing myriad of problems in our own Earth. Leave aside the other God's creations peacefully and let us concentrate mainly on our lovely Earth.

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Solve the problems right here on Earth and when those problems have been solved, then Space exploration can be considered.

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Yes they should be banned due to its dangerous nature and it costed 21 lives in one time. I'm worried that it I go into a spaceship during launch of other times, it would explode and I'll die. :’(

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The chance of there being harbestable resources in space is just too great. There so much potential for space, we just got to find out how to exploit it.

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Dylan613(2) Disputed
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There is no known evidence that there are galaxies for beyond our's. Also, space travel should be banned due to it costs lived due to its dangerous nature.

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