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Sort yourselves out Brits. We'll pull them out, AGAIN.
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Should The U.S., back up the Brits after the seizure of two of their tankers?

The haughty Brits like to look down their snooty noses at what they perceive as the unsophisticated Yanks, until they need someone to pull them out of the shit in which they regularly find themselves.
Please Uncle Sam, the big bad Iranians are harassing our shipping. Would you PLEASE give them a slap and tell them to leave us alone?
If you can see your way to oblige us the Queen and The ''DUCK'' of Edinburgh will have you and your family over again for tea and cucumber sandwiches in Buckingham Palace. 
Guess what the Brits are doing over in LimeyLand. 
Yes you've got it in one;- DISCUSSING BREXIT. 

Sort yourselves out Brits.

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We'll pull them out, AGAIN.

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No need to go to their rescue on this occasion as they've sent two of their newest pedalos armed to the teeth with quadraphonic recordings of ''Rule Britannia''.

They should amend this outdated and arrogant song to read;-Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves, providing the American 6th fleet is with us. .

In addition to this the Broken down Brits are holding a C.O.B.R.A., meeting tomorrow providing it's not raining.

I''ll bet this news will give the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a severe dose of the shits.

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Bootstrap(226) Disputed
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providing the American 6th fleet is with us.

Having Americans with you during a war is a proven handicap, as has been well illustrated by your amusing efforts battling rice farmers in Afghanistan and old ladies in Vietnam. In fact, the last war you actually won on your own was the Battle of Independence, so you go right on ahead and celebrate your 300 year old victory.

In the meantime, when you want a job done properly without your own soldiers accidentally killing each other, you'll call the SAS, same as you always do.

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outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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What is the answer to your LIMEY PROBLEM ????? Where is your BRITISH ARMY there LIMEY ??????? What is the MONARCHY going to do to help you out before your PETRO is a problem in LIMEY LAND ?????????????

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I'm sick of Socialistic European nations always finding fault with America, especially when they expect us to do all the dirty work with every dictatorship around the world.

We get the bad reputation of being the bullies of the world every time we take the necessary actions to keep rogue nations at bay.

I guess Liberals are all the same no matter where they come from. They are intolerant of the hard working responsible people of the world, because we make them look bad.

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The Left always try to imply that America should not be sticking our noses in trouble spots around the world. They actually believe everyone will be at peace in the world if we just leave them to their own.

The Left believes if we just apologize for everything, and sing Kumbaya, we will all get along.

Look at what ISIS did after Obama hurriedly got out of Iraq. Evil loves it when good turn an eye. It takes strength to keep the peace.

It's time the Socialist nations of this world took note of that fact.

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Should The U.S., back up the Brits after the seizure of two of their tankers?

Let the Brits fend for themselves like grown ass adults. Maybe they'll start being grateful once they get nailed in the head a few times.

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Bootstrap(226) Disputed
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Let the Brits fend for themselves like grown ass adults.

If it weren't for us you'd be speaking fucking German mate.

That's probably why you hate Brits so much, am I right?

LOL. You regret that we turned the Nazis back. Oh, the glorious days you could have had in the third reich, and we snatched them from your grasp buddy!! LOL!

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If it weren't for us you'd be speaking fucking German mate.

Of course you don't show us your data or even an argument because your comment is stupid on top of more stupid. The Germans were a country 1/8 our size, with 1/20th the land, with an ocean between us and no allies in the region for landing ports, and with way less military might.

That's probably why you hate Brits so much, am I right?

Couldn't care less. Take on your enemies alone. Good luck.

LOL. You regret that we turned the Nazis back. Oh, the glorious days you could have had in the third reich, and we snatched them from your grasp buddy!! LOL!

Your right wing leader turned back the Nazis in a war where we fought off Hirohito and the Japanese in the South Pacific, and the Nazi Socialists both at once for you buddy.

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Antrim(1297) Disputed
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Let's not engage in the juvenile practice of trying to rewrite history.

The events leading up to and during WW2 were, very loosely as follows.

1) In violation of the Treaty of Versailles Germany began rearming around 1935.

2) Churchill pleaded with the Conservative government to prepare for the inevitable war.

3) Brits sat on arse and did nothing in fear of upsetting Adolf.

4) WW2 starts for real in 1939.

5) Brits panic and try to form and equip an army overnight.

6) Britain's poorly trained and ill-equipped army goes to France to confront the invading, superbly trained and well equipped German troops.

7) The Germans make mincemeat of the Brits and boot them out of Europe.

8) Hitler permitted the evacuation of Dunkirk to proceed with minimal harassment as; what to the hell was he going to do with some 330,000 starving Brits?

9)Churchill united the British people with his many brilliant moral boosting speeches of defiance.

10) Hitler looses interest in little inconsequential Britain and prepares to invade Russia.

11)German submarines are slowly but successfully cutting Britain's lifeline with the U.S.

12)1941 Japan bombs Pearl harbor and America enters the war.

13) America faces two formidable enemies on two fronts, both of which are 1000s of miles from their homeland.

14) America's wherewithal,knowhow, brilliant political and military leadership and, most importantly, the bravery of their fighting men and women decisively defeat their adversaries.

15) America then lends France, Britain and Germany money with which to rebuilt the industry and infrastructure of their war-torn countries.

Conclusion The United States of America saved most of Europe, including Britain, from becoming oppressed German satellite states.

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The United States subscribed to the Allied plan of making German defeat the priority, coordinating with the United Kingdom in most major operations. However, it also maintained a strong effort against Japan, being the primary Allied power in the Pacific Theater. The U.S. led the Manhattan Project to develop atomic weapons, which it deployed in August 1945 in the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This attack led to the surrender of Japan and the end of World War II.


While Nazi Germany never attacked Britain with ground forces, it subjected the country to heavy air attacks in the Battle of Britain of 1940, which continued until mid-1941 as the nightly attacks of the Blitz. The air attacks killed 40,000 people[221] and prompted evacuations of major urban centres


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outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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LIMEY when your PETRO prices SKYROCKET do not cry us a RIVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is a classic case of the European powers(!!!) reducing their defense spending and expecting America to look after them.

''Let the American taxpayer pay for our protection''.

We like to spend our money on free health care and benefits as well as financing millions of immigrants.

1)The U.K., seized an Iranian oil tanker in the Straits of Gibraltar and were warned by Iran that they would retaliate.

2) Instead of sending every available warship to the area in response to the threat the broken down Brits sent a couple of destroyers.

3)Good management/government is being able to identify a potential problem and implementing the necessary measures to eliminate or significantly reduce the risk BEFORE it escalates into a full blown crisis.

4) Britain's eye-watering incompetent administration were given prior notice of the problem, but, predictably failed to provide adequate forces to prevent what is now a very dangerous crisis.

Every British merchant ship traveling through the Straits of Hormuz and surrounding seas should have been escorted by warships with the added protection of air -cover.

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Antrim(1297) Clarified
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It seems that the U.K., government were not satisfied with humiliating their nation with their botched Brexit negotiations they now have added further shame on their citizens through their inability to acknowledge the reality and severity of Iran's threat and the dire consequences of their standard indecisiveness.

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Cocopops(343) Clarified
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Why didn't the blundering incompetent U.K., government instruct British merchant ships to avoid the region until they had sufficient naval and air power in position to guarantee their safety.

The short sighted Brits should have asked for American assistance, which they clearly needed, long before now?

The limited reasoning powers and arrested intellect of the Westminster blustering dimwits have been preoccupied with BREXIT and have insufficient brain capacity to deal with anything else.

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I think so. What Iran did was an act of war.........................................................................................................

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I agree that it was in fact an act of war.

Unlike the Iranian tanker which was contravening a U.N., resolution by intending to illegally deliver oil to Syria the British flagged cargo vessel was legitimately transporting its cargo in international waters.

Watch and listen to the cowardly gobbledegook of the BUNGLING BRITS as they spew out their standard 'DAD'S ARMY' rhetoric of appeasement.

This is the 2nd time the Iranians have disgraced the Royal Navy.

Back in 2007 they arrested 15 British sailors who were part of an international force trying to stem the flow of illegal drugs around the world.

The British foreign secretary stated that if Iran did not return the British flagged tanker there would be ''serious consequences''.

SUCH A FUCKING YARN, roars of laughter from the backstalls.

Side: We'll pull them out, AGAIN.