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Should The United States Leave The United Nations?


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The United Nations is a complete waste of time and money. The United Nations General Counsel has no power; the Security Counsel has limited power, yet it is founded in sovereign nations. So, it is really the decisions of nations.

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Not only should the U.S. get out of the U.N, the U.N. should get out of the U.S.. Let the tin pot dictators have their forum in Zimbabwe.

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I don't really care about such organizations - but if they leave, it is possible that the UN may fail; as did the League of Nations. On the other hand, the UN has become fairly popular and, in a sense, powerful.

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Is a peace-keeping organization bad for the United States?

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While the UN has shown it's marvelous ability as "peace-keepers" in Rwanda and the Balkans, it is necessary to maintain our membership. If for no other reason than, to exercise our veto power as a means of preventing the "Tin pot Dictators" from absolutely taking control of a world stage that can, and to some degree dose, shape the world's perception of reality. To use a well worn phrase, " It is a Necessary Evil".

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