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Yes, immediately. No-vaxers = no intelligence.
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Should United Airlines sack the 300 non-vaxer staff members?

United Airlines have around 67,000 employees, 300 of who are willing to increase the risk of infecting the Company's clients and their colleagues by not accepting the anti-covid-19 vaccination.
Should these thoughtless morons be sacked or should they be allowed to remain in their positions and continue to infect those with whom they come into contact? 

Yes, immediately.

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No-vaxers = no intelligence.

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Yup! Sure a person has the right to refuse the vaccine, but companies have the right to fire those idiots who refuse to take it when they don't have a medical reason not to....and "I don't wanna" is not a medical reason. Their google based education will never and should never trump the majority of qualified medical professional and scientists.

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Allowing these brainless LOSE CANNONS to remain in their positions would be an act of wilful criminal negligence.

Such thoughtless filth must not only be summarily dismissed but also lose all accrued pension rights and holiday entitlement.

The Chinese disease is continuing to cause the premature death of 1000s of lives every week many, if not most of which are due to the uncaring, mindless non-vaxers.


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The prime reason for most of the shit-for-brains lowlifes not being vaxed is due to their arrested intellect rendering them incapable of recognizing that most of the anti-vaccination propaganda transmitted on the internet is complete nonsense and flies in the face, ( no pun intended) of most of the world's highest qualified virologists and medical scientists.

Those people with such a low Intelligence-Quotient should not be entrusted in any way whatsoever with the air travel of 10s of 1000s passengers.

Side: No-vaxers = no intelligence.