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Should Utah keep death by firing squad illegal?

Utah is having trouble getting drugs used for lethal injection and the Utah legislature has passed a bill that will allow the use of firing squads for capital punishment (which was banned in Utah in 2004). It now goes to the governor for his signature. Should they unban the use of firing squads?


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Well we ain't got no more drugs what'll put'em to sleep real peaceful and nice (poor bastards), so just as well shoot'em in the chest wit five guns and be done wit it. That way if'in they ain't dead rite away, just shoot'em again.

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Yes, it should be legal, but so should all traditional methods of execution: hanging, electric chair, lethal injection, gas chamber, fire ring squad, guillotine, being drawn and quartered. As well as novel means of execution: being catapulted into a brick wall, thrown into a bear habitat, dropped from an airplane with no 'shoot.... Then like a last meal, the convicted should be allowed to pick their own means of being dispatched.

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Providing the vermin are exterminated the means will always justify the end.

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Spoken like a true terrorist. .

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I have a better idea. Firing squad concept is all off. We should be shipping death-row inmates to our various military proving grounds, and use them for weapons tests.

Even use them to train our soldiers. Dress them up as 'insurgents' and give them paintball guns, give our troops live rounds.

Note: I'm going for over the top ridiculous here, don't take me seriously.

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Firing squads, in my opinion, goes against the cruel and unusual clause in the Constitution.

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