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Should Video games be art?

I am doing a speech about If Video games  should be art and i want to add a survay about it. What do you think! Should games be art?


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Lots of video games show an skilled art design. We already consider the movies an art form, so why not video games.

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Art is what you make it. Anything in life can be art. All art requires is a passion and creativity for the different facets of existence we perceive to be beautiful to us.

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Lots of video games have good art design. I know in the Darksiders strategy guide in the back of the book it has some of the weapons they drew and how they drawed war it was pretty cool and they did the same thing with Darksiders 2!

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Who determines whether it is art? Art is defined as something stimulating visual or audio media, so yes, it is art.

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Visual Art, Music, Writing and Movies are all art. Putting them all together and add a control, you still have art.

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Thank you everyone i am presenting my speech tomorrow i will give you a link since i am posting this on youtube thank you everyone

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Video games are artistic and the characters are dynamic. Great works of art.

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