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Should We, "Take The Fight" To ISIS?

Since President Trump has been elected and we all know his opinions the ISIS and radical Islamic terror, do you think the new administration will take the fight to ISIS and/or change strategy.


Will we continue on our path and use allied forces in the Middle East, airstrikes, and special forces.


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We are doing enough already

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ISIS is never going to do a full scale attack such as a war on the United States on their own territory. I say this because no one is dumb on this earth and everyone with common sense would know not to bully or attack a giant as person. Because no one wants to get hurt to bad. And if ISIS tried to attack the United States the United States would indeed launch an attack that no one will recover from that is in the line of attack. The war needs to be brought to them. If they think they can terrorize super powers and claim terror attacks as their doing they need taken out of this world. The people of ISIS are sick in the head and are in great need of a correction in their life such as a piece of lead in the head.

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So you should attack ISIS because they won't attack you.

You know, I don't even need to insult you - you're already doing that so well.

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They are losing. We are not having heavy casualties. Their OWN PEOPLE are fighting against them AND WINNING (with our help). That may turn around and WE may have to take more casualties if Trump continues to piss off the NON-"radical Islamic terrorists"! His own Cabinet Generals have recommended he "cease and desist" with the basal rhetoric he uses to keep their crotches twittering! With friends like THEM we'll have MORE enemies! Treat our allies with respect and WE will get more respect!

I know some of his base miss the weekly chance to wear their American Flag underwear while the hearses go by with more dead HEROES, but, I'd rather cheer when they PARADE BY! Do it the Obama way and have fewer Gold Star Families, and more Muslim FRIENDS!

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We already did, didn't we? I mean, we elected Russia to run the USA and Russia is already there in the Middle East in force blasting away. Mother Russia has got this one folks.

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DevinSeay(1120) Clarified
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What about Iraq?

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Grenache(6103) Clarified
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Can you ask that again as a joke? All I'm seeing in these replies are boors with no sense of humor.

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outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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Russia was elected to run the USA ! LMMFAO !

Show proof a false claim Progressive put your money where your mouth is !

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Grenache(6103) Disputed
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This will be the 4th time this week I had to tell you as a troll that you're a total boor. No sense of humor, no appreciation for irony, no creative responses.

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