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Should a Gay Florist Have to work a Straight Wedding if He Doesn't Want To?

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If he wants to remain in business he should; Iit's unlikely there's enough gay business to keep him afloat. On the legal side, if straights have to serve gays, gays should have to serve straights.

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The only valid reasons to withhold business services are

1) incapacity (you're too busy, out of stock, etc)

2) have good reason to believe the client won't hold up their end (bad credit, bad references, refusal to sign a contract, etc)

3) legal problems (the client is illegal to do business or your own business is pre-bound by something)

That's it.

Your personal beliefs interfering, if they can be proven the reason for denial, leave you open to violating laws in most states or perhaps even as national civil rights violations.

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This is a strange comment.

I'm semi-homophobic and even I don't believe gays have anything against straight weddings.

What made you think that they wouldn't want to?

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Hellno(17756) Disputed
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It's not a comment, it's a question. And you have no idea what I think as I haven't weighted in on the subject.

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blizzardbird(904) Disputed Banned
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It's not a comment, it's a question. And you have no idea what I think as I haven't weighted in on the subject.

You're an idiot.

A comment is a question.

Whether or not you asked a question doesn't rule out what you believe.

You made a question on whether a florist ought to be allowed to do something based on an impossible premise.

Much like saying should we tackle the harm butchers do to the human race while carving animals, even though butchers don't harm the human race by carving animals.

If you don't believe it would happen, isn't it a pointless question?

I'll answer, Yes.

You're an idiot.

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no because it's his choice whether he wants to serve that customer or not, many people may not agree with his opinion but it is still his right as a human to do what he likes a bit like te gay couple and b&b;owner incident where the owners did not want them staying at the hotel as they were christians and i respect that because it is their choice and many people would not agree with their opinions but it is theirs to have and it should not be discriminated against

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HashBowl420(17) Disputed
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Then what would you say if a straight florist decided not to do a gay wedding just because it is gay

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Depends on the laws of the land.

Is slavery legal or not?

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Only Progressives and Democrats would force a private business owner to cater events that goes against their beliefs.

A Gay business owner should have the same right's to deny service as any other American has the right to do so.

In this sick extremist PC transformation of America by Liberal's, Americans are losing their freedoms one by one....ALL AMERICANS!

The fact of the matter is, if a business refuses service to pthers on no good grounds, then thatbusiness will soon be out of business.

Thinking people understand how a persons religious beliefs are something far different than racism, etc.

They don't deny business because of a person's skin color. They do so because of their faith which tells them certain things are sins, and something they should not be supporting.

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Heterosexuals are not a protected class, so no.

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KNHav(1957) Banned
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It's your business you should be able to accept or reject business as you see fit to beliefs.

Lgbt, Christian, Muslim, Jewish etc ... or other moral related beliefs should not be weighted in discrimination suits. These are beliefs and actions, they should be individual freedom without law or government interference.

Discrimination should protect regarding life choices, like housing and neighborhood choices, career choices, jobs, etc. Not used against small businesses regarding beliefs which are considered religion.

Beliefs should be treated as religious freedom. If a gay doesn't believe in heterosexual marriages, he should be able to exercise his/her beliefs.

Discrimination Laws should only apply race sex age disability familial status and religion.

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