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Should a police force carry a handgun as standard?


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Law enforcement officers should have a firearm of some kind, most preferably a handgun, because it would be helpful in their line of work.

For example, if an armed convict is on the loose, the police should be able to take down the criminal as quickly as they can before the convict can fire any shots. The concept of self-defense and preventing bystanders' deaths is something that is encouraged.

Another instance where any type of firearm would be useful is in preventing a crime or quelling a riot. Just by seeing the gun or hearing it fire, people will tend to act differently than normal, and may stop what they are doing. People become controllable if a gun is pointed towards them, but it does not have to be fired.

I also like guns, so I support the people that deserve to use them.

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I think they should. There have been a few instances of individual cops who clearly shouldn't have been given handguns, but overall I think most cops don't get jumpy and light somebody up because they reached into their jacket pocket for their wallet or something. The police oftentimes go head to head with criminals who also have guns, and I think it would suck being shot at by some felon and not having the firepower to shoot back.

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Because criminals are never armed???

First you want to take away the public's guns. Now you want to take away guns from the police? It doesn't make sense.

I'm just glad my state has carry conceal. I don't need to rely on the police. ;)

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It's pretty hard to stop criminals if you have nothing to protect yourself with, or threaten with.

I don't really agree with how easily cops get away with things, and I don't agree with the entire system we've created for them. But their ability to carry firearms is needed for the protection of the citizens they swore to protect.

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I doubt a criminal will surrender to police using pepper spray.

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That gun is scary inside that holster. Police should not be carrying guns.

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