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Should a president be able to shut down social media sites by themselves?

Should a president be able to shut down Facebook, Twitter, etc. without getting a conviction in court?


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Should a president be able to shut down social media sites by themselves?

No, but a court can now consider them a publisher, and they can be sued for anything defamatory posted on their site. They can also be sued for not reporting a charitable campaign contribution if they don't fact check any single Democrat or Biden post that can be challenged by any outside party. And, they could be sued for defamation seeing their fact check was false, making them now a publisher of defamatory libel.

They were sued before, but it couldn't be shown that they edit anything like a publisher. That just changed.

And even better, now many people can sue them for defamation seeing they are now a publisher.

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This was my first thought about the Twitter news, too. I figured platforms would opt for the Facebook route of allowing others a way to surface fact-check information rather than doing it themselves to protect their distinction from publishers. Will be interesting to see how that part plays out.

As to the President, it is very hard to prove libel against public figures like Trump without showing someone acted knowingly with malice - so that won't apply to the recent news, but may come up some day.

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