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 Should a woman who is outnumbered by rapists with guns submit to being raped? (7)

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Should a woman who is outnumbered by rapists with guns submit to being raped?

i was thinking, the woman in this situation is going to die if she does not comply with performing sex acts on the rapists.

On one hand, you'd think that it's just too much of a danger for the woman to just give herself wilingly to the rapists, they may kill her anyways.

On the other hand, if she resists, it's very likely she's going to be killed.

What should the woman do in this situation?

Personally, if I were the woman, I would fight back because I am just not willing to take that risk even though it just might mean death. What if they still kill me anyway? I mean when you think about it, they're probably thinking "What if she gets away and tells the police" but then what if they are masked you are unable to identify them? I think this is a tough question to really answer.
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I think the woman should fight back. While it is certainly possible if she complies with performing sexual acts on the rapists that she might walk away with her life, I feel that because she cannot possibly know that she will survive, she should try to fight back instead.

While this might certainly lead to her death in this situation, I think it is worth a chance. I think we need to teach women to have pride in themselves and that even when facing certain death they should never submit to any abuse, ever, even if the abuser is a powerful person with a lot of influence.

That being said, I understand why many women would choose to NOT fight back. And that's a sad thing because I'm sure in many cases they are killed despite giving no resistance to their criminal demands.

However, I still think it's a tough question for most people to answer. Because it's such a horrible situation to find yourself in. You'd think feminists would support the idea of a woman carry a firearm for defense for situations like this. If she is unarmed there is very little chance she will be able to win the fight.

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There are much bigger chances that the 7 armed men will end up shooting each other.

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It's hard question. Why can't you think about this situation? I think that women should fight for her priority. Living with that pain is so hard for anyone. Hope that noone must stand this terrible thing flagle like wordle.

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Of course men would say « women should fight back ». Of they would say «well, if it were me I would fight back ».

God. This is why men don’t live very long... Because they think with their freakin’ dick.

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Sometimes, death might be worth the risk. Perhaps, the rapists don't have the capacity to murder? Years of trauma, maybe even a lifetime of it might be worth the fight against the rapists. Its also very hard to say what you would do when in that situation. Its possible for a man to be in that situation as well, and I'd like to think I would risk it and fight it. You also chance it being much worse if you fight it. Much more violent. Awful to think that people have been in this very situation...

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NO! She SHOULD FIGHT BACK AND GET THE COPS TO HELP HER! Why should she submit to criminals?