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Should abortion be abolished?


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Abortions should not be abolished, because them being abolished wouldn't prevent them from happening. Whether abortions are legal or not woman will still have them. At least if abortions are legal women won't try to do it themselves or go to a fake doctor or something, which can turn out fatal.

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I'm prolife, but I agree. What abourt abortion for medical reasons, or if the mother was raped?............................................................................................................

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Atrag(5556) Disputed Banned
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Rape culture is when rape victims are denied their right to choose adoption. BANNED.

They can choose adoption but only when a court decides its ok. Woman can't just throw their children away with a court determination. Sorry. Children First and Always.

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if you believe that abortion is killing the unborn baby, you’re wrong. if the baby has health issues that may kill them later in life, they A) suffer and B) die.

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Sitar(3680) Disputed
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Abortion kills a baby, but the abolition thereof kills the mother. Women will die if abortion is abolished. Do you think it's easy to have an abortion?.............................................

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Abortion is murder. Jesus will put an end to it soon .

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Sitar(3680) Disputed
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Not always, what if the mother was raped?......................................................................................

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NowASaint(1378) Clarified
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Rape is punishable by death and abortion is murder. Rape does not make it okay to kill an innocent child.

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Other than Life of mother or maybe some other extreme cases, YES, ALL INNOCENT LIFE SHOULD BE PROTECTED!

This is what pro abortion supporters do to deceive the public & hide the inhumanity of their policies.

1) Steer the abortion conversation to life of mother & rape pregnancies, or Zygotes & first trimester abortions, all to deflect what they really support which is No Restriction abortions of all babies, even viable babies for any reason up to birth.

This is the first thing pro choice people do. The GOP has allowed extreme case exceptions since abortion was legalized yet we still hear every day about these extreme rare cases.

Lie, deceive, exaggerate, etc., all to condition the electorate to think the GOP wil deny these extreme case abortions.(by the way, rape pregnancies can be prevented within a day or two with a doctor visit)

2) They talk about the medical name of an unborn Baby..... Fetus. By using the name Fetus, they somehow believe it changes the status of the life growing inside the mother. Somehow in their thinking, a Baby that has not yet traveled through the birth canal is different than it is after it is has moved down that canal. WOW, TALK ABOUT DENIAL!

3) They talk about the supposed hard life these unwanted children will have if allowed to live. So in all their God like powers, they know the future of every Baby aborted? How many great people have come from poverty or foster homes, etc.? To be so arrogant to allow the deaths of innocent life because of some perceived hard life is beyond diabolical.

4) Pro choice people like to say they do not personally believe in abortion, but would afford other's the choice to end the lives of their unborn Babies. Gee, how nice of them. I always wonder how a person who personally believes that aborting his own Baby is wrong because it is ending a human life, can support allowing other babies to die. PHONEY!

5) After all the scare tactics and deceptions, their next step is to lie and say they do not support late term abortions for any reason. They refuse to accept accountability for supporting all late term abortions of even viable babies every time they vote for Democrats who support it.

6) The Democrat Party and the Left even supports killing viable special needs babies, for any reason up to birth, for merely being different from them. That's like the Nazi mentality where we only want blond haired blue eyed people being born in Germany. In all their arrogance, they will deem who is deservng of life. Where is all their talk about diversity, inclusiveness, tolerance, compassion? I guess these special olympic children actully mean nothing to them. Their lives are disposable.

7) How many times do we hear the Left tell us how a mother has the right to her own body? Yes she does, but she has no right to take the life of the other body inside of her, (unless her life is in jeapordy). There are TWO lives involved, not just the mother's.

I am not here trying to judge any woman who has had an abortion. I'm trying to bring humanity back to our nation by protecting our most innocent vulnerable lives.

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Sitar(3680) Disputed
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I'm prolife now, and call me Dana..................................................................................

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Atrag(5556) Clarified Banned
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There is no way you found all those manually. What scrapper are you using? You must be "goodlistener".

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