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Yes, abortion should be free No, every1 should pay his own
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Should abortion be free?

In Mexico abortion is legal and it's being discussed if they should release a new law so that everyone gets free and safe abortion. This issue arises due to many women dying everyday, caused by clandestine abortions due to lack of money. These clandestine abortions are performed with very bad hygene and without the necesary tools to actually perform the abortion well, whereas women with money can afford abortions in private  hospitals, in which the environment is clean and they have all the equipment to do it right. 

Yes, abortion should be free

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No, every1 should pay his own

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In the U.S., if a person has good reason for an abortion, and CAN NOT afford it, it should be free. If it is attributed to an illegal act, like rape or incest, it should be free. In "almost" any case, it should be covered by health insurance.

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Okay so if Mexico has found a common defense to the general welfare for Mexico on admission of guilt made on murder why has the principle not been shared with the rest of Mexico? Simply allowing one type of admission of murder for woman to go without judicial separation for public protection isn’t really a united state of basic right.

Everyone should pay for their own admission of guilt to a felony crime if it is found to be true. What is questioned is does Mexico have reason why all woman as a United States must make a felony admission of guilt publicly? There are some ideas of what makes abortion illegal. The crime that is publicly admitted as a lie. Is it the self-incrimination which askes all voters to take part in a felony crime.

Funny there is a lot of talk about Russian commission in voter tampering, yet many nations allowing the voter to admit or take part in a admitted felony crime which is grounds for vote restriction is Okay?

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In my opinion everyone should pay their own abortion since when we say "free" we actually mean that the state will pay for it. If they state will pay for it, it comes down to taxes, everyone pays taxes, and I think it shouldn't be fair to have to pay for something with which you strongly disagree with, since you truly believe that abortion is killing a baby, and you do not want to take part of this, nonetheless you would be obligated to pay taxes which would go towards killing babies. Everyone should use and learn to use preservatives so that these things don't happen, but I don't think its fair for me to have to pay for the abortion for this mistake a person could have easily prevented. I do on the other hand believe that if it was not a mistake, if the person was raped, then, abortion should by all means be payed for this woman.

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Pulling out is free. Condoms are free. Try it some time.

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ROFLMAO. Bwahahahahahahaha! I dare you...

Side: Yes, abortion should be free
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No, but birth control such as condoms, pills and night after pills should be.

Side: No, every1 should pay his own