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Should abortion be illegal?

Yes, it should!

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No, it shouldn't!

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Should abortion be illegal?

Hello b:

Maybe.. But without a womb police, it's gonna be impossible to enforce.. Look.. Rich women will go to where it IS legal to get an abortion, and poor women will use coat hangers.. So, it's a nice idea, but should never be made against the law..

It's like the drug laws.. It IS a good idea to promote non drug use, but as we KNOW absolutely, it cannot be enforced.. Therefore, like abortion, drugs should never be made illegal..


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Svidrigailov(3) Disputed
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Hi excon. First of all, you're somewhat right in your premise, but the purpose of a law is not to eliminate the possibility of a crime being committed, it's to protect certain rights of citizens as much as possible without infringing on other rights, thus reducing crime largely.

Secondly, a law prohibiting abortion applies directly to distributers, not procurers, which means the government would prohibit organizations like Planned Parenthood from lawfully making money from abortions; meaning we would not need a "womb police" (I hope I didn't misunderstand what you meant by that).

Lastly, you said maybe. Were you referring to the question of whether fetuses constitute lives or not? This actually seems to be the only relevant question to me. Being under the impression that they do, I don't particularly like the idea of my tax dollars being funneled into the mass murdering of children (If I'm wrong about this position, then I'm VASTLY mistaken in my choice of words; So it's an important question).

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excon(15618) Disputed
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but the purpose of a law is not to eliminate the possibility of a crime being committed, it's to protect certain rights of citizens

Hello S:

Without enforcement, a law is just words written down in a book. If the thrust of the law is to protect certain rights, as you purport, it cannot do that without enforcement.. It might make you feel good, but it does NOTHING to protect innocent people..

Now, I don't like abortion.. I'd like to STOP it. You'd need to have the physician report any pregnancy to the Womb squad.. That squad will follow that woman until she gives birth. How else are you gonna stop her?? Those pregnancy strips women buy will have to connect to the Womb squad too, to alert them of possible abortion..

You think I'm being silly... But, it's me who thinks you're silly, attempting to pass a law that does NOTHING you want it to do.

Look.. Let's not talk about abortion being a bad idea.. Talk about how you can STOP it.. I will listen to any enforcement mechanism you have. If you have none, then go home. Cajoling people is NOT gonna work.. You know that, right?


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