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Should abortion, be legal, in some situations?

I say yes. i am personally opposed, to aborting fetuses, but supportive of safe, legal, and rare, abortion, as long as the baby, cannot feel pain. If abortion is abolished, pregnant mothers, will die. What the Hell kind of prolife, is that. one does not support gun ownership as a right, but not abortion, without being, a hypocrite. Also, prolifers are bastards, for opposing Bernie's healthcare plan, but calling themselves, prolife. Prolife, my lilly white, ass.


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You are swimming across a river for your survival. Someone latches on you. If you don't fight them off you die.

What do you do?

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I tell them, to go fuck themselves. i have the right to live too. good reasoning, hun.

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I think abortion should be legal in all situations. We choose what we do to our bodies, even when other lives are at stake. We donate blood by choice, some donate kidneys by choice, no one can demand us to do so because that would be a horrific violation of our only true possession which is our body.

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Redeemed(1423) Clarified
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It's not the mother's body being aborted, but I do think abortion, should be safe, legal, and rare, whether antis, like it, or not.

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shoutoutloud(4302) Clarified
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It's not the mother's body being aborted

Thats not a response to the arguments I made

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It's not the mother's body being aborted

But it is the mother's body being used to carry the child. Ergo, people should have the right not to have their bodies used without their consent. Or do you support rape?

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