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Should all rural people be considered red necks


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I don't even think their are any red necks out there anymore, i only think that rural people are rednecks if their illiterate, violent, and commit incest.

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i think the term "redneck" is a really stereotypical and cruel thing to say.

people should really think about what they call people, right ?

i mean, rural people are people. it doesn't matter if we're red, white, blue, black, yellow, striped, or polka dotted. in the end we're all human.

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There are still plenty of red-necks out there...too many to suit me! Many of the southern states have their share as does the middle American states. While I was watching all the political rallies of each candidate I saw it again and again. I do, however, believe that red-necks are decreasing in number as their education levels rise. Not all rural people are nor should they be considered red-necks but the stigma is still there and no where more so than the south.

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well, Rednecks are just the blue collar white people in the South... the incest products who hate Jews are called "white trash". I actually like most rednecks because they're funny guys who do a necessary service for their country. but, i can't really hang out with the Lower Class anymore... i don't know what it is, but i've become so fuckin' snobbish over the years (to think, i used to live in ghetto ass neighborhoods too). IDK, i like to talk about smart shit and philosophy a lot, and Rednecks seem to have more interest in fixing up their cars or how awesome their new gun is. yeah, i like guns, but not so much that i can talk about them for 3 hours.

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You might be a redneck if....

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Technically, a farmer would be a rural living person, but not a redneck. There are plenty of people that live in rural areas that just may not enjoy the traffic, pollution, and crime of urban areas. People could move out to rural areas because they like the lifestyle and the closeness of the community. There are many, many, contributing members of society that live out in rural areas because it is a different style of living, exactly what they want in life.

Of course, there are those odd people who live in rural areas that could not function in an urban area, and live out in the rural areas because that is how they can live without problems and interference from others. Whatever the reason, that is what works for them, they really don't bother anybody that doesn't bother them, so why not just let them live how they want without stereotyping them as "rednecks?"

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