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Should athletes be able to compete in the gender they identify with or were born as?

First I have to give credit where credit is due, in his own round about way this is a debate by FromWithin:

I just want to create a debate that is less 'rage against transgenders' and more, what do you think of the fairness in this.
It's scientific fact that women and men were not born equal in many things, strength included.
So a man that has his body changed into that of a woman will still have the same basic physiology that he did when he was a man.  Even if they identify as a women they will have a better advantage than a woman who was born a woman.
Do you think someone who was born a man but had a gender change should be allowed to compete in women's sports where they would potentially have an unfair advantage?  And do you think it's the same as a woman competing in a man's competition if she had a gender change to become a man?
Admittedly I am ignorant in all that goes into changing genders so I go back and forth in what I think is right for competition's sake. 


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Honestly, the is no simple solution to this it would have to be pretty much on a case by case basis which would get extremely tedious. Male to female transgenders would have an advantage over female athletes due to natural genetics while having a disadvantage over male athletes due to hormone treatments. Female to male transgenders on the other hand would have an advantage over other females due to the hormone treatments they are taking while still being at a disadvantage against males due to genetics. So in the end the overall most fair thing to do would have all Transgenders compete in male sports.

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I agree. It's remarkably tricky. While it's not always right to discriminate there are instances where it does need to happen, especially in the scenario presented.

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I believe, and I know this will sincerely trigger some of you, but I think a lot of these people, especially the ones who call themselves friggin a-gender or something like that, are just looking for attention. The gender you are, is what ever the hells in your pants and on your chest. There is only male, female, and bi-gender. That said, they should play the sport corresponding with whichever gender they were assigned at birth.

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Curious, and a bit of a tangent—why is that 'attention' argument necessarily a bad thing? If you feel uncomfortable with how you exist in society and feel that aren't getting enough attention from the people in your life to help deal with those issues, why does that mean that those people deserve spite?

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I believe, that if someone plays with the laws of nature just to get attention deserves spite. Now, it seems that you believe differently and thats fine.

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I lean more towards that as well, playing the sport under whatever gender they were born into but I'm curious as to any other sides to it.

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Deceptive as always.

I have no rage against Transgender people or any group of people.

I have been clear all along my anger is put towards those who have used these groups for political purposes.... THE LIBERAL LEFT, GAY ACTIVISTS AND THE DEMOCRAT PARTY!

Keep being the deceptive person you are.

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Mint_tea(4623) Disputed
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You are the last person that gets to cry deception as much as you do, you've done debates calling people out and accusing them of things they never said.

Do you think athletes should compete under their born gender or what they identify as?

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FromWithin(8266) Clarified
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Unless you are that stupid, you know exactly what I think about all this PC activism.

People are born a boy or girl....PERIOD!

It matters not if they are so dysfunctional that they question their very gender.

These people have disorders and the idiot Left and Democrat party uses them for political purposes. Rather than trying to actually help them with their disorders, the left has used their insecurities and dysfunction to garner votes.

Athletes should always compete under their born identity...DUHHHHHHHHHHH

If some person has gone through dangerous sex change operations, and live with constant drug use to maintain their sex change, they should be excluded from professional competition.

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I identify as a doberman pincher and demand you use the right pronouns.

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