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Black's input;- zilch. Blacks take, but don't give.
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Should blacks pay their host countries a levy for enjoying white's superior technology?

Black's input;- zilch.

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Blacks take, but don't give.

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Over the centuries blacks have contributed little (maybe algebra) if anything to the advancement and welfare of mankind.

Yet with all their failings the darkies riot, cause death and havoc in the communities in which they infest.

The blacks mug law abiding citizens, destroy public and private property and are generally a liability to every nation which foolishly welcomed them.

Should the black African states pay the American government reparation for having been so underdeveloped in the past, and to this present day, that they were unable to defend their citizens against black slave traders and their foreign cohorts.

Now the hard working whites and Asians in the U.S.A., have to foot the bill to pay for the darkies criminal and destructive nature.

Side: Black's input;- zilch.
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That are so many problems with your sentences it is difficult to know where to begin let alone catch all the mistakes.

Sentence one, what? Blacks built America. Lazy freeloading white people sat back and did nothing. Black people have a better claim to the United States than white people. Source, pbs Slavery Making of America four part series.

Last sentence that's a harmful racial stereotype of the model minority myth. 2017/04/19/524571669/model-minority-myth-again-used-as-a-racial-wedge-between-asians-and-blacks

In 2020 the AP changed the style guide to capital Black. Using a lowercase b is disrespectful. As for crime white people are more likely to use drugs, yet Blacks are more likely to go to be searched and go to prison. Your statements use a just world fallacy.

Blacks Lives Matter, white silence is violence, end the white supremacist patriarchal status quo.

Supporting Evidence: the hill model minority myth. (
Side: Blacks take, but don't give.
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The grimmest dilemma of this century for the western nations will not be the perceived threat from China or an aggressive and expansionist Russia, but what to do about THE BLACK PROBLEM, as Barack Obama put in when he was inaugurated into his first term in office in January 2009.

Black violence along with their criminal and parasitic character are becoming an intolerable burden on the white communities which they have adopted as home.

Listen to the liberal politicians and we'll all be going to hell in a handcart.

Side: Black's input;- zilch.
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White people commit many violent crimes against Blacks. Errr, your paragraphs tell a narrative that is completely skewed 180 degrees from reality. This is because propagandist spread disinformation to win elections, thus reversing the direction of violence.

Read White Rage by Carol Anderson to fully understand.

Supporting Evidence: Carol Anderson White Rage (
Side: Blacks take, but don't give.
Norwich(735) Disputed
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The entire world knows that Bongos have a predisposition to, and a disproportionate level of violent crime in every society and community they infest.

That is everyone apart from scumbags like you who have mad dog's shit for brains.

Generally speaking Bongos have a congenial aversion to formal education, a strong dislike for work as well as a deep and irrational antipathy towards white people, and a strong leaning towards crime.

So, most of THE BONGOS end up poorly educated, unemployable and resentful.

Of course they blame their shortcomings on THE BIG BAD WHITE MAN and dummies like you foster the myths of white privilege.

In any institution of education there will be those who will excel because of their SUPERIOR brainpower and those who, due to their diminished intellect, will do not so well.

Trying to attribute the top performer's achievements to their position of privilege is insulting and pitiful.

The same principles apply in the field of sport.

In every competition there will be winners and losers.

Exactly the same precepts apply to life, winners and losers.

Blacks lose more often than whites and Asians because of their character flaws such as laziness, lack of ambition and enterprise but perhaps most importantly their ground-in feelings of ''victim-hood''.

Side: Black's input;- zilch.
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Why were the African blacks so easily captured by their own kind and sold to whites in America?

Lack of ability to organize themselves into self supporting nations with effective defence capabilities.

The blacks in countries which accepted negro immigrants suffer EXACTLY the same violence and crime from the DARKIES as here in America where they blame their disproportionate violent crime levels on being the descendants of slaves.

These so call slave descendants in the U.S.A., and their immigrant European cousins enjoy a significantly higher standard of living than they would have had had they remained in BONGOLAND.

Side: Blacks take, but don't give.
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Sheesh, people sometimes think I am alt-right because I make the occasional racial blunder, forgetting to capitalize the I in Indigenous Peoples or forgot the s in Peoples for example. Forgetting the s stereotypes and condenses all Indigenous peoples into one group and will quickly get you the wrath of a liberal mob and banned for being racist.

In fact that's part of the reason I am on this website, I kind of got ousted from main stream websites and labeled an alt-right troll.

"Plurality (i.e., Native peoples) is often preferred, to avoid the

homogenization of Indigenous peoples that so often occurs in

dominant narratives."

This takes the cake. I didn't realize such blatant racism existed on the web. I'll try to debunk. First Black people, lower case b is disrespectful and will get you banned on most websites.

Whites are the violent criminals not racialized minoritized Black people. Africa has Malaria and other diseases how is this relevant? That's no excuse for chattel slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, prison to school pipeline, Richard Nixon sending cocaine to Black neighborhoods, etc.

Side: Black's input;- zilch.
UisntShit(15) Disputed
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Whites are the violent criminals

Oh look, objective racism and hypocrisy. At least when I do it I'm right.

Side: Blacks take, but don't give.
Norwich(735) Disputed
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It's filth such as you that have bongos feeling that the world owes them a living.

Fact one Africans and Muslims enslaved significantly more Bongos than the U.S.A., and Britain combined.

Fact two is that in all predominately white countries throughout the world in which Bongos have VOLUNTARILY adopted as their home and were/are welcomed, their crime rate, especially crimes of violence is hugely disproportionate to their overall percentage of the population.

Fact three; everything which goes to make up the modern world, including the computer you're using, was invented or discovered by whites.

Let's take a brief peep at just a fraction of the creations and innovations made by whites.

The internet,


The light bulb,



The telephone,

The internal combustion engine,

The diesel engine,

The jet engine,

Space going rockets,

The automobile,

The airplane,

The submarine,




Medical operating techniques,

Vaccination serums against an array of lethal diseases including polio,

rubella, smallpox, mumps, measles, covid-19 etc., etc,

Most life saving and pain relieving drugs,

Modern, high yield farming procedures,

Navigational aids such as the sexton, the telescope, binoculars, radar and sonar.

The camera.

The list is endless.

Of course whites perpetrate crimes against blacks but the number of these crimes pale into insignificance when compared with black crimes of violence against whites.

Ask yourself these few questions;-

1) Would you prefer to be a darkie seeking employment in America or be a whitey trying to find work in South Africa?

2) Why do Bongos swarm across the continents like the great herds of wildebeests sweeping over the Serengeti plains and risk their lives on the open seas to get to and settle in the relative prosperity of the white man's countries?

3)Why do whites have to evacuate an area when Bongos move in en-mass, known universally as WHITE FLIGHT?

4)Why do the black African's begging bowls always point to the white countries when in times of emergencies?

5)Why do fools like you try to construe that quoting FACTS is racist.

That was of course a rhetorical question as we all know the truth is that weak minded, gullible shitheads such as you have let themselves be indoctrinated into believing that being white, especially a white male is a crime and we do owe the darkies a living.

More questions for you shithead;-

Where are the Bongo's employment and wealth creating corporations?

Why have so many once great & prosperous cities such Detroit and Chicago turned into African style third world countries once Bongos outnumber whites and take control of local government?

Would whites survive better without Bongo parasites or would blacks be do better without having whites to leech onto and blame for their shortcomings?

Of course ''we're all equal, it's just that some are more equal than others''

Ignoring the facts doesn't make then any less truthful.


Side: Blacks take, but don't give.
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Face the facts, deadly violence is a congenital characteristic of the black-man's psyche' and will remain so until the end of time.

Believing THE POLITICIAN'S LIE and living in denial of the glaring facts is causing 1000s of murders every year and costing the host nations of the darkies $ billions.

Side: Blacks take, but don't give.
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Where are you getting this hateful propaganda lies? Take it from someone who is labelled alt-right George Floyd was violently murdered by two white police officers.

Pogroms by whites against Blacks took place frequently before the civil rights movement and voting rights act of 1965 that allowed Black woman to vote. Arguably the cruelest and most violent form of slavery, chattel slavery took place by whites against Blacks in the United States.

T.V. is full of the stereotype you mentioned. Take for example the Blind Side. Before that during reconstruction there was the myth and stereotype of the super predator. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I know almost nothing about race compare to many liberals.

Side: Black's input;- zilch.
Norwich(735) Disputed
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The facts are there for everyone to see, ( even shitheads like you) in amazing technicolor, magnificent quadraphonic sound and wonderful CinemaScope.

There are none so blind as those who do not want to see.

George Floyd was a criminal who had just robbed commercial premises, was drugged up and resisting arrest.

This violent Bongo criminal is now dead and does not therefore represent a threat to community which he infested.

Side: Blacks take, but don't give.