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yes, it is dangerous no its not that big a deal
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Should cell phone use while driving be considered illegal in all states?

yes, it is dangerous

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no its not that big a deal

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Studies have shown that people who talk on their cell phone while driving have 3 times the risk of getting into an accident. Its not only unsafe for the person driving but everyone else on the road as well.

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I remember the big brouhaha about wearing and listening to a Walkman as you rode a bike, skated or drove a car. When ear buds came out and they were the rage some towns in my area in NY decided it was unsafe to do so. No one could hear anything but the music! That law helped save lives.

When cell phones came out it was decided pretty promptly that speaking on the phone while driving was too much of a distraction. Then headsets and buds came out for those so they at least put the drivers hands back on the wheel. Cell phones are so dangerous. States now have laws about driving with cell and headset only but most people don't use the headsets or blue tooth they are still as dangerous as they always were. I have ALWAYS thought that cell phone use while driving, headset or not, was dangerous and wanted the laws changed so it would be illegal to use them while driving. I'd love to see the day using cell phones while driving was a no-no unless you pulled off the road to do so.

And no, it's not like the radio or CD player. Notice the first thing you do when you're singing along and something is happening on the road in front of SHUT UP and pay attention!

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Yes, it should be illegal! "Cell phone distraction causes 2,600 deaths and 330,000 injuries in the United States every year." (And this is 2005 data, I am sure that things are worse now!) That is crazy... and I have seen plenty of people texting while driving, too! This should also be illegal!

Supporting Evidence: Drivers on Cell Phones Kill Thousands, Snarl Traffic (
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i belive it is dangerous because people are getting hurt almost every day because of it

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Too many auto accidents are happening while someone is talking on his/her cell phone.

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Cell phone usage should be illegal to an extent while driving. I personally think that if you have any type of hands-free device you'll be fine. It's just like talking to a person next to you or singing to the radio. All are distracting but you have both hands on the wheel. As soon as one of those hands come off the wheel, that's when you put yourself and others in danger. When using a cell phone with your hand then you take away half of the safety while driving because of one hand not being on the wheel. So in all reality it should be illegal to talk on the cell phone without a hands free device. Also, there is no way that you'll keep people from talking on a cell phone completely but you can take away most of the danger.

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