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Should children be subjected to fear?


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Everyone has to have feared something before. They need to know how it feels. When disciplining it helps too. I'm not saying that someone should keep a huge belt with them at all times, but if you tell them that they will get something taken away then it will keep them on their best behavior.

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My daughter subjects herself to fear. She loves watching scary movies and I always tell her, "Don't do it. You wont get to sleep tonight." And she always watches and then she wont go to sleep at night. Children! ;)

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Im not gonna say that they "should" be subjected to fear, but I sometimes feel that parents overly protect their children from their saught experiences. I was very much hooked on scary movies when I was young. The first scary movie I saw was Nightmare on Elm street, when I was seven and after that I watched all the greats and some of those movies are still my favorite movies today (shining, Exorcist, Rosmary┬┤s baby and more) I did have a hard time going to sleep all up to the age of 13 I guess. But the kick I got out of those movies was worth it. I guess that children are diffirent and that what is ok for one is not so great for another

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Of course. Unless we eliminated fear in adult life, only an irresponsible parent would prevent exposure to fear. Even then, we shouldn't remove that aspect of humanity. Plus, if you're a super-villain like me, you can make a decent living off it.

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