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children are flower of our as they can?
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Should children consider a career in off-beat fields?

children are flower of our

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as they can?

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The greatest drawback for children opting for off beat fields is their lack of a sound education. Barring a few exceptions,our education system is built on passing examinations by hook or by crook. Very little is offered to expand the child's vision and to think laterally.Invariably,they choose safe careers. Most parents today are ignorant of the avenues available to their children.The child of today is better informed than his parents because of technology,and this is ,perhaps the first time in human history that this has happened.Schools and colleges can give better advice on careers than parents.There is a profusion of careers available in umpteen number of sectors and children should be allowed to explore and decide for themselves

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Factors to be considered for choosing an offbeat or conventional career:

1. Passion - Remember not all hobbies can be transformed into a career, so find it out if your career choice has economical viability.

2. Attitude - One must have the tenacity to continue despite adversity. One must be emotionally strong to accept failures as part of life.

3. Family - If you have to make a living and also feed your family then offbeat career is not the right choice. You can take it as part time job but Big No as a career option.

4. Comparisons - As it takes a longer time to settle down in offbeat career, you might indulge in peer comparisons and feel demotivated.

5. Accept Challenges - Though there is much less competition in unconventional careers, the path to settle down and to become successful is challenging.

In nutshell, if you are a risk taker, passionate individual and also have family support then go ahead with offbeat career else go with the conventional.

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If you are financially good and you have ample of time, then you can try something new and plan for an offbeat career but if that is not the case, you can plan for a convection career.

Your career should be decided passion rather than on the basis of a notion if it's regular or not.

Example .. photographers were considered oddballs earlier. now we have every kid aspiring to be one after 3 idiots.

These conventions are just set by the society...

Select the one that coincides with passion and your long term goals

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photographers were considered oddballs earlier. now we have every kid aspiring to be one after 3 idiots.

I wonder... is a reference to a Bollywood movie from a few years ago (that was also the highest at box office for a rather long time) an easily understandable reference for non-Indians?

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