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Should computers replace teachers


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yes,teachers should go. Frist,computers knows more then teachers. Computer know's what happen 1,000 years ago. Sceond computers know what time it is. Teachers always need to tell what time it is but computers already know without looking at the clock. Lastly, teachers forget. Computer will remember things that teacher's don't. To sum it up, teachers should go.

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Axmeister(4318) Disputed
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Your confusing knowledge and teaching.

"Frist,computers knows more then teachers."

Teachers can research new information from other resources.

"know's what happen 1,000 years ago."

Once again, teachers can easily research what happened 1,000 years ago. Computers do not accumulate knowledge on their own they have to be given it by humans. Anyway, what child (aside from the obvious) would need to know what happened 1000 years ago from their future life?

"Teachers always need to tell what time it is but computers already know without looking at the clock. "

One of the very few trumps computers have over human beings.

"Lastly, teachers forget. Computer will remember things that teacher's don't."

Hence that fact that teachers write things down in books*.

At the end of the day, humans learn things, computers don't. Computers can't even spot problems with children (e.g them dying), there's a reason people say that the human brain is several hundred times more powerful than a computer.

And if you're thinking of pulling out some hi-tech super computer which can do all of the above, think of how much it would cost, it would be far more cheaper to employ a human.

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There are now on-line classes but a teacher is still needed to present those classes.

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No! Unlike computers, teachers have emotions and can see if someone is struggling. A computer couldn't look at someone in class and see they are struggling and help them, a teacher can also see if people are misbehaving, a computer can't do this

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Could you imagine you enter to class and robot stands in front of you? What is your reaction? Robots also have computer programming. It means it has not any feelings at all. Probably, it can be more strict than teachers.

However, computers should not replace teachers, because traditional learning is natural, teachers can help in gaining an experience and lack of communication badly influence students.

Firstly, any alternative or on-line education cannot teach students well. Each method of studying requires consolidation of knowledge. Computer can suggest any tests to drill all materials. It is theoretical method. Teachers can teach a rule of thumb. Practical knowledge covers many spheres and the best of them is communication.

Secondly, every students is tired of teachers' stories from their personal life. Several of them think about background of story. It is teacher's personal experience and does he or she waste his/her time because of children do not listen to them? No...They want us know about life, difficulties, hindrances and barriers. Take some electives from teachers, and you notice that it is not only lesson-it is a big chance to feel like adult during 1 hour.

Thirdly, we face with problem as withdrawn students. Computers only ruin people, locking them. Lack of communication occurs because of defect of face-to-face and alive association. Computers try to solve this problem by organizing Skype, Ovvo etc. programs, but it has technical problems with pictures and sound.

In conclusion, teachers are our best advisers, tutors and spiritual leaders. Computers are just devices and no more. Never change people to gadgets.

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Teachers care about their students and will try their best to help them with different techniques. And what will happen to the lives of the teachers who will lose their jobs?

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YOU: "Should Computers Replace Teachers? "


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Computers can be used to teach, but they can't become mentors or role models. Surely most of us have memories of one truly fantastic and inspirational teacher - such a teacher cannot exist without teachers. Commands, too, would be difficult for a child to input: I remember playing some games back in the '80s - text-based games - in which, if you didn't know which commands to input, you were screwed. They've come a long way, but probably not so far as to understand the syntax and semantics of every child which they would be teaching.

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Teachers aren't just a sounding board for our ideas or an automaton for our thoughts: they help us express creativity and nurture our ideas. I always excel when an enthusiastic teacher warmly teaches the subject. Even if it's hard, I'm more motivated to study and succeed if the teacher is genuinely kind and helpful.

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