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No live & let live. Yes arrest those fuckers!
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Should consensual sex between minors be illegal?

The age of consent is 18 & having sex under that age is illegal. Whether it's with someone over the age of consent or if they're the same age as you.

Illegal means if you do it then the police will arrest you or do something else horrible.

Example: A 14 year old boy & a 14 year old girl are dating & really love each other. They go home & do stuff like making out, taking their clothes off, having sex, & sleeping naked together.
Should the government interfere with that?
Should the police arrest them & have them charged with having sex while under the age of consent?                                                                                                                                       Should their parents/guardians take the punishment for not watching them like a hawk 24/7?

The good side (No leave them alone) doesn't mean that you think it's okay or that you support it. You can be a religious anti-sexual who thinks it's evil but you live by the quote "I may disagree with how you live but I will fight for your right to live that way" & decide that even though you are against it you do think that it is not the government's buisness. The good side means you think that underage sex shouldn't be a legal issue. Just a personal issue.

I Evan Gragg do think it's okay for consenting minors to have sex. I am 16 & if I had a girlfriend I would do that stuff with her.

The bad side (Yes arrest those fuckers!) doesn't mean you just think it's wrong. It means you actually believe the police should arrest them & charge them with underage sex. It means you do believe that the government should interfere with them & have charges brought against them. If you vote for the bad side then you are just miserable. I label this as sexual fascism/totalitarianism. 

No live & let live.

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Yes arrest those fuckers!

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Even if you are not in love, the idea that consenting people can not do something that makes them feel good is ridiculous. And, the worse part is that you are ARRESTING THEM for doing something that you believe is BAD FOR THEM. Hmm... so being in prison, possibly getting raped or shanked, is somehow better for them.

If teens want to fuck, they should be able to fuck. It feels good, it's fun, and assholes shouldn't say "lol, we don't know shit about sex and physiology so we're gonna use our morals to take away your fun". Fuck you.

Side: No live & let live.
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if you ask me, its their choice. most people dont listen to the law any way so whats the point. no matter what you do, people under the age of concent will have sex. if you go into a room of people ini atleast their twenties and ask them what age they first had sex, most of them will say under 17. so let them have fun for once because once they get into the real world, some of them wont have time for fun like that again.

Side: No live & let live.

Absolutely Not! Would you expect many children to stop having sex just because it was illegal? Many children would find such a record to be a badge of honor.

Side: No live & let live.
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Ok, it is illegal in US and that doesn't stop it at all!

So what's the point?

Nobody ever gets caught for it unless it's rape or something.

I think it should be out of love or liking, not just fuckin' around at a party or something.

Side: No live & let live.
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