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Should conservatism be a mental illness?

We consider other people who are crazy mentally ill, why not conservatives? 


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At most, conservatism might be considered a symptom of mental dysfunction. To consider the ideology a mental illness would be like considering hallucinations an illness, instead of treating them as a symptom.

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The reason you cannot consider conservatism to be a mental illness is because conservatism is the opposite of liberalism and liberalism is already defined as a mental disorder. You can't have opposites be the same thing. That's why they are opposites, because they are not the same thing. Just Google, "liberalism is a mental disorder" and you will be amazed at what you find ;)

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SexyBanana(306) Disputed
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That book was written by Michael Savage, I hope you know that. Also, liberals are proven to be more educated than conservatives...Google that.

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You forgot the words "on average". :)

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What they mean is that most educators are liberals. In other words, those who can - do, those who can't - teach ;)

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