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Should cops wear body cameras?


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Uhh...the have been wearing "cop cams" on their uniforms, usually mounted on their lapel, like how they sometimes put their microphones there. For a couple of years now in some cities. As of right not, about 35% of the nation's cops wear these Cams.

I like it. It provides an added degree of accountability. Anybody who has weapons and the ability to use them to kill citizens needs to be held accountable, and there actions should be fully documented and/or witnessed. I mean, hey, why not? Us citizens are under constant video surveillance. So why not the Po-Po?

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Depends on what they look like I suppose... some things you just don't want to see.

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shaash(434) Clarified
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What is this supposed to mean? If it is a joke I don't get it :p

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WeeklyManner(129) Clarified
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It means they would hide the cameras in the most dumbest places on the body that is possible. If it doesn't mean that, Hellno could try and tell you.

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