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Should driving be moved from 16 to 18?

It is the law that people can start driving at 16 if they have a license. Should that age be moved to 18?


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I think it's absolutely going to depend on the child. I waited until I was 18 and a part of me thinks that's a better age to wait until driving, however I do think 16 isn't a bad age to begin to allow such responsibility.

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Of course not, what's next self driving cars that tax you by the mile? Some people are ready to drive at an even younger age than 16 and some aren't ready until they're 18 or older, and that's why I propose that there should be no specific age limit but instead people should be evaluated on an individual basis and drive whenever they are ready to.

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Hello m:

Nahhh.. In a few years, cars will drive themselves, so it won't matter one way or the other.


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Like it or not there are large swaths of the USA where you need a car to get around and public transportation is either poor or nonexistent. Parents have to work, they can't always drive their kids around. High school jobs and school activities are hard to do if 16 year olds still can't drive. Furthermore, since at 18 they are loose to be adults and do whatever then you're basically unleashing an army of new shaky drivers on society right after graduation. Good luck with that. For about 6 months after graduation everyone in the community better just stay indoors with the door locked to make sure they don't get run over. At least with the gradual driving from 16 they get out there in stages and usually with adult supervision present at the earlier stage of having a license. You can't mandate the adult supervision at 18 when basically they're already legally an adult at 18.

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Trump got the Presidency when he was 70, Obama, in his forties. Trump is a juvenile in his 70's while Obama (say what you will), was, at least, an ADULT in his 40's. Age has little to do with how "grown up" we are, how one makes decisions, how one reacts to emergencies. There is an opinion that people SHOULD be "grown up" at 18. SOME are at 16 (or relatively so). Some are NOT at 70. Age should not be the deciding factor, but, what else do we have? I DO think the states that have Driver Training as a requirement for a license @ 16 are smart.

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It depends. If you feel that you aren't ready to start driving until the age of 18, don't. But, plenty of people are prepared to drive at 16, and there should be nothing to stop them from doing that. Also, to be legally allowed to get behind the wheel of a car, one would have to go through tests and first have their learners permit.

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Without a doubt. A car is possibly the most dangerous item that someone can own. Consider that around 1.3 million people die every year in car accidents. Legally, a 16 year old can't purchase a car by himself because he isn't considered mature enough to enter into a contract but yet he is apparently old enough to drive it.

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Your age has nothing to do with how mature you are, I have seen people who are 12 be more mature than some 30 year old's that I know.

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Atrag(5553) Disputed
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Then we shouldn't have age limits of anything. Age is a good indicator of maturity.

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It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. In many European countries, the driving age is 18 (while the drinking age begins at 16--for beer and wine--and 18 for hard liquor).

The number killed in automobile-related accidents in the US in 2013: 34,064

The number killed in automobile-related accidents in the combined countries of Europe in 2013: 26,000

An entire continent has a lower rate of death in automobile-related accidents than America alone.

They're clearly doing something right, or we're doing something wrong.

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