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Should free birth control be given out at school?


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Being as more and more teens are having children then yes I agree that birth control should be given out in school

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Yes because it would lower the chance of a teen getting pregant.

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they should definetly hand them out in school, with as many kids that are getting pregnant, hell yeah give them out

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Considering that most people these days getting pregnant are teens birth control should deff be handed out at schools. They should be able to receive it at the nurses office,which by the way is a medical place. Because they are already at school and know what to expect they will be less embarrassed and in turn be more likely to get it and take it. Also if the parents or children don't want it, they wouldn't be mandated to take it. It would be everyones choice, and a lot less unneeded pregnancies.

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Well birth control should certainly be available to teens if they want it, the school is not a health care provider and thus shouldn't act as if it is.

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