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Should funding towards abortion be terminated?

Do you think that abortion should be funded by the government? Do you think the spending justifies the goal of the government to regulate the size of the population? Should funding be the responsibility of the individual or the government?


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It should definitely be the responsibility of the individual. If you're willing to take the risk of getting pregnant by having sex, then you need to take responsibility for dealing with the consequences. The only possible exception I could see is in the case of rape, but the problem with making that exception would be that some people may claim they were raped just because they don't want to pay for an abortion. A one night stand could end up being a prison sentence if someone cries rape because they don't want to pay for an abortion.

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Contraceptions should be made mandatory instead. They're cheaper, mainly. Abortions should be cheap enough to get, but not too cheap that they're easily obtained for the average 3 time a year knocked up whores. Although, do we really need funding to be dropped, so we can have more starving, neglected, beaten, homeless children in the world? The easier decision is to force the parent to work for their kid's time in an adoption agency. Thus teaching them about the importance of wrapping your tool, so you won't be a fool.

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