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Should grammar Nazis be treated like regular Nazis?

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I don’t see why not. We treat non Nazis like regular Nazis. .

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Not necessarily. Most "grammar nazis," as the term is, are people who are mentally ill. Though this is all coming from experience, people who self diagnose themselves with OCD use that as an excuse to be annoying as fuck. For example: hey my dood you wanna hang tonight? -"It's "dude," a term used to address a male in an informal manner. Do not refer to me as DOOD. "

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Most "grammar nazis," as the term is, are people who are mentally ill.

Of course, because being able to spell words is clearly the same thing as being mentally ill. A fine point.

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Bitch, everything's a mental illness. And you're taking it out of its context. Literally. Provided by support, it makes sense. A teacher pointing out another teacher's grammatical error does not make him a grammar nazi. Repeatedly flaming someone for their grammatical errors makes you a grammar nazi. I don't see your lack of understanding, you're just choosing to make your sarcastic point confusing. I'm definitely not a grammar nazi, yet I can spell. Don't know where you're coming from whatsoever.

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