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They should keep chest covered The should be free to chose
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Should guys be allowed to take their shirts off while working or at the beach?

Why can't women go to the beach without a shirt? Why can't they work in the hot summer sun without a shirt? Many of you would say that it's because they're showing their assets. Well, so what? Be mature about it. The only reason men don't want naked women roaming the streets is because they themselves can't handle the temptation. So why can they take their shirts off whenever they please?

Think about it biblical-wise. You are not supposed to lead your fellow man into temptation, correct? Well what do you think all those buff bods make women do at the beach or while they're working or just for the heck of it? So it's fair for the male to create temptation while females cannot? If you allow both sexes to take their shirts off whenever, you're violating the Bible and it's teachings, so if you're a Christian you're a hypocrite. If you allow one but not the other, it's a violation of human rights. If you allow neither, then perhaps that's the only fair way to do it.


Be mature about this discussion, please.

They should keep chest covered

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The should be free to chose

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A guy should keep his chest covered just as women should keep their chests covered.

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I understand your violation of human rights argument, and I completely agree. However, if you allow and encourage everyone to take their shirts off, then your going to have the issue of men taking pictures of women and posting them on the internet. So while I fully support men and women having completely equal rights I'm not ignorant to the harassment, abuse and just plainly, bad treatment of women if they chose this, but I'd always support their right to.

However, because society has deemed it acceptable for men to be shirtless it would be 1. too difficult to change and 2. much too difficult to police

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While I understand your argument and thank you for your respect, I have a disagreement.

One of the reasons the Civil Rights movement for African Americans broke off from Women's Rights in the late 1800s because the Women's Rights would never be listened to or whatever, yada yada. In other words. Black leaders believed that the female Idealists were crazy and their purpose would never be listened to. But yet, both things changed. It was hard - Difficult to change, difficult to police. People died, but the Civil Rights Movement was successful anyway, correct?

However, I am by no means saying that this argument has a right to be scaled with the Civil Rights movement.

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