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Challenge Debate: Should hate groups like the KKK be banned?

Should the liberty of hate groups be eliminated if we have the right to have hate speech?


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The kkk should be banned. Following reasons as to why.. Their ideas and behavior will drive United States into a civil war. The KKK are nothing else, But racist terrorists. Look back at their ancestors. Do you want to bring back an afterimage of their crimes, Blood-thirsty traditions, Twisted ceremonies and degeneracy? No. Does America in this timeline look like the place for them? No. Should they be banned, Arrested on sight, Shot on sight or escorted to another deserted island to do their thing? Yes. The KKK are trying very hard to justify their actions and traditions. They should know their place already. Deep inside, They still resemble evil, The Nazis, And their ancestors. Their kind will never escape/redefine who and what they are. Nothing will ever justify them.

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