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Should have Black's never been emancipated therfore kept as slaves

Was it right or not.


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Blacks still are not emancipated. They are slaves to the Liberal elites. That's why their culture is in poor conditions while a group like Asian Americans is thriving. Liberals sold Blacks the "You can't do it without us, you are so oppressed narrative". When you are not sold that narrative, you wind up like the Asians and Hindus and thrive in America.

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catninja(249) Disputed
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I think it less to do with liberals and more to do with history.

Many black people were forcibly separated from their cultures when they were sold into slavery. Today, a lot of African-Americans do not know their original roots because of this. Therefore "black culture" came about not as a result of old traditions, but as a way for people to distinguish themselves from the whites.

(I say a lot of African-Americans; I understand there are some African-Americans who settled in Western countries at a later date and retained their original cultures).

Asian-Americans tend to have stronger ties to their original culture than African-Americans do. Asian cultures, especially the Confucian cultures, have a strong emphasis on educational achievement. Parents are often very keen to see their children succeed.

Indian parents, especially Hindus, also tend to want to see their children become doctors, lawyers etc. so push them to work hard at school.

It's mostly about culture, not about who's in charge.

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xljackson(260) Disputed
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Wouldn't that just be an argument for the other side?

Given that it is 'black culture' in which blacks are predominantly so widely respected and appreciated for in modern society.

To then say this is all a result of white people, which bares fair basis, just proves that today's black superstars, were yesterdays slaves and have nobody but us to thank?

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Hello c:

Did your parents have any children who lived????????????


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If slavery had never ended then Trump would have owned Omarosa and fathered a whole different set of children, ultimately keeping him out of the political arena and not becoming President. Truly tragic.

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