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Should homeless people get free voicemail?

Is this a good idea from Google?


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I think it's a great idea. Most homeless people have no way of communicating with people who care about them (such as family), which leads to detachment from society and perpetuates the homeless cycle.
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It's good to see that a company as large as Google is making such a positive impact on society. Instead of just dumping their money into homeless shelters or soup kitchens, they are providing these individuals with a basic tool for success.
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This is something most people would never think about offering to the homeless. Borme's point about "most homeless people have no way of communicating with people who care about them" is so true. In my contact with the homeless, most believe family has given up on them or they have no idea how reach them. This would be a tremendous outreach as long as everyone---homeless and otherwise---are educated about this meaningful service.

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First let's feed, cloth, give health services and vocational help before voice mail. Who are they going to get messages from?...their investment broker DAH
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The above is an example of how the homeless are looked down upon and are treated as less than human. When you can put yourself in a homeless person's shoes for a day and discover the loneliness, societal disgrace and lack of hope, you will then see the value of this service.

Keep in mind, we are all just one step away from living on the streets ourselves.

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There are other things that I think that they need first... the link is no longer working, and I am not sure where this idea even came from. Where would they use the phones; at shelters?

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