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Should homework be eliminated? Yes or No? Why?

Feel free to voice your opinion in a thoughtful, appropriate manner. Support your opinions with evidence. Thanks for participating in this debate.


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i think that homework should not be given. we already have had a whole day of learning and practicing at school, so why should we have to do it again? if others don't know, see if they can get the homework to get the extra practice if they want it. but why should people who already know this stuff have to do it? and it takes away too many points off your grades. if your the bets in class with grades and behavior but you don't make honor roll because you didnt do the extra practice for homework that you didnt even need, that would be unfair. you shouldnt be graded on extra practice on something that is not necessary.

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Well in my opinion homework should be required so that people get some practice and study or whatever. Although I would change the grading system. I'd make homework required and if one doesn't complete their homework they fail. (If they don't get 100% they need to redo it.) But homework is only for practice and doesn't count for a grade.

What would count for a grade would be essays, quizzes, tests, and maybe some projects. This is how I would format things. This way students would learn more effectively (Hopefully) and their grade would better support their knowledge.

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homework is the only thing that forces a child to open a book at home. if there was no homework, students would not bother study at home...

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