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Should human right activists solve the children labor problems?


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Who's to say they're not already trying to?

The problem with the continuance of child labor is it occurs predominately in third world nations that place little value on their population and it provides cheap labor to first world globalization efforts. As such, it is unlikely to go away without a strong continuous effort on the part of political leaders and privately funded efforts alike. Penalizing corporations who enable child labor often times is counter effective. It further incentivizes corporations to move their business internationally rather than domestically in search of freer labor laws and it has the potential to increase the cost of production and in turn retail of goods.

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From most of the activists I see today, they are the biggest hypocrites on the planet. They say they care about children labor problems while they say nothing about late term abortions for any reason.

Animal right's activists care more for an unborn baby seal than they do a late term Human Baby. Have you ever heard a Peta member say anything against Abortions? HYPOCRITES!

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