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Should marriage be a legal union between just a man and a woman?

Should marriage be a legal union between just a man and a woman or two (or more) people of any gender? 75% of republicans say it is a man/woman deal compared to just 10% of democrats. Only 31% of independants said M/F. Who is "right?"




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Marriage is between one man and one women. The republican's are right. Male and female in marriage has been this way since the beginning of time. Marriage should be legal union between just a man and women. It should be like that all the time.

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zombee(1026) Disputed
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Why should marriage continue to be limited just because it's historically veen so? Why are the Republicans right? Aside from the Bible, which no one should be legally forced to obey, what reasons are there for restricting civil rights from gays?

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Apollo(1608) Disputed
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And historically, slavery has been accepted. Should we have just kept slavery?

Where are you getting this definition of one man and one woman?

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Why would someone down-vote a comment without responding?

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ricedaragh(2494) Disputed
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I thought you were going to go and learn something and then come back an wow us all with your sparkling knowledge, if this is it, I'd advise going back and trying again.

Just out of curiosity, since you state that it's been this way since the dawn of time, given that you probably believe in the Adam and Eve story (even the Catholics abandoned that one). Genesis never states that they were married.

Marriage should be legal union between just a man and women.

So not a religious union then.

It should be like that all the time.

Why force your beliefs on others? "let he who is without sin..." and all that Jesus wisdom that asshole fundies are supposed to follow.

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I rarely see religious values applied in their treatment of entire groups, or, I see religious values being abused by those who do not truly follow all of them. Consistency is not religions strong point.

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If a religion specifically states so and if marriage can be defined as a strictly religious ceremony and is not recognized by the state nor the participants given any benefits or disadvantages recognized by the state, then yes. But considering you clearly specify 'legal union,' I would say that the above doesn't apply.

So specifically with regard to the United States (and the majority of other countries in the world which are not theocracies), a country whose constitution promotes liberty above all else, and specifically states that “congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,” it is unconstitutional to provide legal benefits which are granted exclusively to people who get married, and then restrict the people who can obtain a marriage based on an attribute of theirs that is not illegal.

That is discrimination.

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absolutely could not have put it better myself. Marriage is another thing that government has no business being involved in. When and why did the government get involved in it in the first place? does anyone know?

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I see absolutely no reason to segregate, discriminate and belittle people based on arbitrary conceptions of union.

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This is so repetitive, it's annoying. Here's the deal. People are constantly posting these, and the statistic is the same every single time. More are pro-gay marriage. So seriously: get original with your debate topics.

Oh, and I'm pro-gay.

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Gay marriage won't affect anybody but the people who choose to be in a gay marriage and their loved ones, people against it are free to not enter into one.

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It is now 2015 and the Supreme Court has made Gay Marriage the law of the land.

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