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Should obesity be considered as a mental disorder ?

In my class there is a girl who is anorexic, or was anorexic.

Her illness is considered as a mental illness that should be treated by proffesionals.

Here in Norway where I live, the taxes people pay are also paying for their hospital bills. Therefore they always have free access to the hospital.

This includes anorexic - they get free treatment, because their problem is considered as a disease or a disorder.

But how about obesity ?

Should that be treated like anorexia ?

Because if you listen to some people who are/were obese, they'll tell you that it was like smoking. They couldn't get out of it.

They constantly needed to eat, they say it is something inside them that makes them feel so good when they eat, that they wanna do it all the time (kinda like drug users)


Here in norway obesity is not considered a disease that should be treated by doctors, only the problems that follow along with obesity are considered as 'real metical problems' .. like heart problems and stuff like that.


But I think that obese people should be given the treat they diserve like EVERY other patient in the hospital.

They should be given a coach and free access to fitness and stuff.


A LOT of people disagree with me on this - I just wanted to know what you guys think.

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Obesity is a physical health problem, not a mental disorder, this isn't rocket science people.

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giverupper(247) Disputed
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Then shouldn't anorexia being treated as a physical health problem too ?

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jonathangoh(1720) Clarified
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agreed .

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It could be triggered by an eating disorder, but obesity itself is a physical health problem.

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Obesity itself is just being a really fat person. And with the BMI scale, obesity isn't always that bad... it's just kind of tubby.

Now, if people eat to cope with distress or despair you can find a disorder in that.

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Are you serious? You didn't think this one through, did you? Obesity is PHYSICAL. Being skinny without an eating disorder is not a mental disorder and it isn't considered anorexia. So why should obesity be? Overeating disorders are also highlighted, so when someone is obese because of this, there's already therapy for them.

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giverupper(247) Clarified
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I was talking about anorexia and obesity as in a problem that people can't get out on.

I wasn't talking about skinny people. I was talking about anorexic.

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Obesity is your body weight, relating to physical body disorder. Nonacceptance of having obesity is a mental disorder though

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Obesity should be treated as a disease but not as a mental disorder.

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