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Should paedophiles be known as "mainstream" or "us"?

what now?


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we should give them a second chance, with the right amount of precautions they should be allowed to live where they used

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how can they be mainstream if they dont follow the law like we all should do?

if they fantasize about screwing children how can they fit into surburban life?

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jesus wants to be a peadophile.......

and fergoson got off with bail >.<

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if we define us as the group we belong to then how is someone who wants to get inside our children us??

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Pedophiles are definitely not "us." They are human beings, but society says the attraction they have towards small children is wrong, so they are not mainstream. If we lived in ancient Rome, they might be acceptable, but Christianity and all our laws say they are wrong for what they do. Obviously they are not mainstream.

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