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Yes, to avoid biased teachings No, educators are the experts.
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Should parents have a say in the content/curriculum of their child's education?

Parents are being denied the right to influence the political narratives which are now occupying more and more of our children's education. 
So called political correctness, * deviant gender studies* internalized raaaaacism, systemic raaaaaacism along with the mythical white privilege, white supremacy and radical leftist ideologies are squeezing out the more vital 3 R's from our children's curriculum.
Parents are being arrested for protesting against the indoctrination of their impressionable children.

Yes, to avoid biased teachings

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No, educators are the experts.

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Parents should at the very least be allowed to know the content of the school curriculum.

Side: Yes, to avoid biased teachings
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It used to be the hand that rocked the cradle was the person who forged the child's values and outlook on life.

Not any more, it's the academic peddlers of influence in the schools and institutions of education who are conditioning our children to believe in the mumbo jumbo of interchangeable gender, the evil of having white skin, particularly the unforgiveable sin of being a WHITE MALE.

When the parents demonstrate their wish to have a say in how and what non-academic subjects THEIR children are taught they are being arrested by the police.


Side: Yes, to avoid biased teachings
excon(17421) Disputed
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Should parents have a say in the content/curriculum of their child's education?

Hello P:

If you're talking about education, I'd say sure.. But, you're talking about propaganda. A newly washed and sparkling clean country is NOT who we are. We are as FILTHY as you can imagine.

From a liberals point of view, the only way to change who we ARE, is to recognize it. Only then can we change who we're GOING to be. Denying the past consigns us to repeat it.

From a conservatives point of view, PRETEND it didn't happen. Then BURN the books that say it did.

And, you ARE. Be it the removal of the Holocaust graphic novel Maus from an eighth grade classroom in Tennessee, or attempts to yank classics like The Handmaid’s Tale from library shelves, ALL are attempts to control the materials children can access.

That's NOT education. That's propaganda, or as I call it, cancel culture. Used to be the conservative movement stood for limited government. Now, you're embracing the coercive use of law to commandeer a culture you fear you lost.


Side: No, educators are the experts.
WildTuna(60) Disputed
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We are as FILTHY as you can imagine.

Don't emote what you are as though everyone is a piece of shit like you. You're filthy. You promote race division. We aren't you. We don't pretend the government wasn't doing risky research with Communists. We don't pretend the Chinese aren't harvesting peoples' organs. You're the filthy piece of shit that does that.

Side: Yes, to avoid biased teachings
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I agree. Excon is comfy with blacks having seperate dorms and graduations. He's comfortable with making sure skin color is injected into every situation just like his Klan party has always done. And that is very, very filthy. He should stop being a racist dickhead.

Side: Yes, to avoid biased teachings
Pench(841) Disputed
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I guess making books unavailable has the same consequences as burning them.

Well, yes you're right, we can't chance the beginning, but we can start from now and try to change the ending.

What's going on in our schools presents a convincing argument that all our education institutes adhere rigidly to academic subjects such as the 3 R's, history, selected arts and sports.

Teachers, tutors or lecturers of history should all be required to work within very narrow parameters which offer little or no opportunity for them to apply their own personal slant on events of the past.

Social constructs such as gender-benders, the woke weirdos, and politics in general should be taught in private, fee charging schools where only those whose career aspirations would be dependent on such subjects.

Side: Yes, to avoid biased teachings
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Vulnerable elementary school children are being traumatized by the psychological and emotional abuse as their WOKE teachers exploit their young pupil's naive susceptibility and brainwash them into rejecting science and the innate biological structure of human nature.

Welcome to BIDEN'S WOKE America.

Side: No, educators are the experts.