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Should parents hit children in order for them to study well


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Parents should spank any child that refuses to follow their rules and who disrespects the parents. When you use the word "hit" you are playing into the fools on the Left who try to make you think spanking is a bad thing. Spanking is the best parenting skill any mother or father could use.

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Spanking your children is for parents too lazy to properly parent. That you think striking your child is "the best parenting skill" says so much about you :P

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Amarel(5551) Disputed
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Spanking your children is for parents too lazy to properly parent

Lazy? Hardly! My parents worked up a sweat always parenting so well! "Mom?" I would say. WHAM! PARENTING!

"Dad, can I..." WHAM!! PARENTING!

It truly is the best. But really spanking is for the lazy ones. We should all parent with our feet when possible. :P

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Beating children not only causes a slew of psychological issues that can last for life, but it doesn't make kids any smarter. If you're kid doesn't want to study, don't make them study. If they're smart they'll pass, if they're dumb they'll fail which is not a bad thing. Failure teaches children a more valuable lesson than any beating ever will, so fuck you sadists parents, go bother those nice folks down at the BDSM club, because that is wear violence belongs.

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Jace(5161) Clarified
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Agreed with respect to not hitting children, but a point of clarification: BDSM may have a physically violent aspect to it, but that is neither inherent nor is it non-consensual when practiced as it is commonly accepted within the community. Members of BDSM groups tend to actually be more aware of consent issues than their vanilla counterparts precisely because the consequences of non-consent can be more damaging.

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While I completely agree that laziness should not be tolerated, there are more much more civilized and humane ways of dealing with things instead of physical abuse. While you don't a lazy kid even more so you don't want one who is emotionally scarred.

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Parents should encourage children not abuse them. Forcing the child will only cause them to rebel more and feel like they are upsetting their parents.

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Any parent who hits their children for any reason should have CPS take their kids away from them.

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of course not! how do we even think that hitting children make them study well?? i think sitting with them and making them understand their mistakes would be a better remedy. has it ever risen in your mind that you are just increasing the feeling of hate in the child's heart... for both studies and parents. these are the sort of kids that grow up to become dull, paranoid children. many of the students feel so pressurized, freaking out that their parents might hurt them if they don't study well and some even end up committing suicide. no one gave us rights to hit anyone. if a stranger hits us or attacks us we file it as a complaint as "ABUSE" but what parents do when they hit their children is not?

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