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Should people be able to defend there house by shooting home invaders

if one's house is invaded wouldn't it help to defend it with a weapon? wouldn't it help if one could shoot the invader?

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Yes they should be able to shoot the invaders because your defending your home from robbers and thieves who want to get it but I wouldn't kill them I would knock them out and then call the police to pick them up.

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Sure, protect your self with a weapon, but make sure it's just protection and not attack. The law where I live is, is that you can shoot the person, if they are facing you, but if the person is found dead, or takes you to court with wounds on his/her back you are guilty of a crime because it shows that they were done trying to rob you and were in no way going to harm you, but instead that they were leaving and you attacked them.

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In Wisconsin you can. I think they should. But then our president would bitch about that too.

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yes of corse they should and only in self defence and if that person was to break in your house and rob you and you wake up in the middle of it they will atempt to over power you most of the time, and normaly they have a wepon of their own.

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no they should not becaus when a person is attacked their adreneline shots up and the person does not think they just shots and ends up killing that person. and alot of home owners kill their relatives or someone they know by mistaking them for a thief eg oscar pistorious owner of a gun panicked and shot his girlfriend to death by mistaking her for a robber and famous retired rugby player mistook his daughter for a robber and shot her and she died an example it would be better if they have dart guns that would not kill the person but rathert just put them to sleep until the police comes

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Oiden(396) Disputed
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If we would be given dart guns then those would be banned some time latter. Once guns are gone then it will just keep going and going.

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Not with a gun! Guns are dangerous. Also, a family member could be accidentally shot in the dark.

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Del1176(4964) Banned
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ONLY BY SMASH!!!!!!!!!!


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Hellno(17758) Disputed
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you're an idiot

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MasterHaz411(1) Disputed
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guns are a lot more efficient. They make a lot less effort and full autos make the noise for you.

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