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Should people be judged by how they look???????

I dont really think so.Its not nice people are people.Would you like it if you got juged like gosh.Yell

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No they should be judge by how they look that is so ignorant.

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The answer is pretty obvious.

I wouldn't be surprised if everyone on this debate chose the "Don't judge people to how they look" side.

Trying to be morally correct is the norm in this society right now.

Ugly people should be judged to be ugly and good looking people should be judged to be good looking ;)

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Not based on what they look like naturally, such as their nose or something like that. But I do think people should be judged based on their weight, which CAN be managed, and the clothes they wear. What people wear and what their size actually says a lot about the person.

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Nope they shouldn't be because maybe they look mean or something but in real life are really nice :)

Of course.

To a certain extent, what people look like is in their control. If people should be judged on their actions, they should be judged on what they do to their selves, how they make themselves look. Don't judge people on things they can't change, like the shape of their face, skin colour, facial features, but there's much much more to 'how you look' than your face.

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If they are fat, have tattoos, wear crap-covered clothes, Ya...we are all going to judge.

It's 100% your fault if you are any of these things (fat children excluded).

I have every right to judge people for not caring about their body.

So yes, I am advocating judging people for how they look if that appearance is their own fault/doing.

No. It is wrong to judge a book by its cover and it is wrong to judge people on the way they look.