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Should people carry concealed weapons

people carry guns and no one ever knows it until they pull it out and either defend themselves or attack someone.  i think that the conlealed weapons should be banned and also shouldn't.  people could go on a rampage/ mass murder spree and that would be bad. but on the other hand people would have no way to defend themselves against others who attack them.


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Sure why not when arguments escalate then can end in gun fights instead of fist fights.

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dieor34(1) Clarified
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it would be better if people get into fist fights. with guns people kill one another with fists it s not as likely.

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Yeah sarcasm doesn't really work while typing.

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Hell no... not all Law abiding citizens stay Law abiding what if someone has a mental breakdown and kills someone

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No, people shouldn't carry concealed weapons. They must do, whatever want, publicly.

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Your argument is completely incoherent, SunialPani. Please learn how to read and write in english.

First you said people should not carry concealed weapons, but that they must do whatever they want. What does that even mean?

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Carrying concealed weapons is a dangerous concept. A person's mind can snap and reach for that weapon.

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