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Logic Emotions have their place
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Should people have logic PLUS emotions?

Is the Dark Side partially right?

Socrates (in The Republic) says that sad/lovebug-y/non-courageous-y music should be banned because it appeals to the emotions and bypasses the brain and logic.

And the Jedi in Star Wars suppress emotions. When Padme says, "To be angry is to be human," Anakin responds, "I'm a Jedi. I know I'm better than this." The movie clearly supports the argument that, ideally, humans should try to purge themselves of emotions.

Do you agree? Should everything go purely by logic? Does emotion have a place in life?


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Emotions have their place

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emotion has it's place in the entertainment field... but everything else it's best to try and think as logical as possible. emotions piss me off because people say some stupid shit when trying to debate me in politics...

happens more with females also. guys listen more to me when we discuss politics, but girls make up their mind on some stupid shit that doesn't even make sense and when i try to debunk it they get all bitchy on me.





so, when discussing intellectual things, it should be as logical as possible. when trying to appeal to the emotions, it just creates the very easy ability to bullshit.

but, i like zombie films and songs about murder cause it's fun, so emotion is needed in entertainment cause to be honest, all i want is fun.

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If we only had logic and no emotions, we would not care enough about some thing in order to have the drive to better understand it. For example, I am a researcher, and my job demands that I use logic to better understand my cancer data... but if I did not have empathy for cancer patients, or hatred for this disease which kills so many, I would not have the passion to get my butt into lab! ;) So these emotions help me to be logical... if that makes any sense! =)

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Pure logic might convince the scientific community to hold off on curing cancer, as doing so would only lead to even worse overpopulation. Sentimentality is the greatest obstacle to vital pragmatism.

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