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Should people pray at school even though it makes some others uncomfortable?


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It would make me uncomfortable if I couldn't pray.

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Intangible(4933) Clarified
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To the Dark Lord, Lucifer.

Hail Satan!

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Duh, they walk on this earth just like i do. I love watching someone pray at school, it typically is done during lunch. That's the best time to snatch some food, i do it all the time :)

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The main reason the United States was established was to enable freedom of religious choice; specifically to evade the 'official' religion and the persecution that came with it.

Essentially, the entire point of our religious freedom is to legally protect those who wish to practice their religion (or refrain from religion entirely) from all forms of persecution. Just as personal discomfort does not trump freedom of speech or the press, personal discomfort does not trump freedom of religious expression.

I should also note that the practices of some religions, such as Islam, include saying certain prayers at certain times of the day. As such, a Muslim student attending public school either prays in school or does not practice his or her religion. Education being mandated- and religious choice being a protected class- means that prayer in school is not something that can be banned.

If somebody practicing their religion makes one uncomfortable, one should grow thicker skin, take solace in the fact that the source of their discomfort is so minor, and deal with it- just like one has to do in the face of others with different political views.

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thousandin1(1931) Clarified
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I made the US assumption because prayer in school is a controversial topic here; I'm not certain if it's a hot topic in other nations, admittedly.

I would be interested to know if this topic is nearly as controversial in other nations- anyone?

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If your talking about personal quiet prayer, then yes, but to demand everyone stop what they are doing and pray with you, no.

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Sure! Plenty of students are praying before they take an exam.

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Yes, everyone had a right to do whatever they want... But there are consequences for things that you do ( not talking about praying at school)

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Prayer is a private thing between you and God. There's no reason to do it in a public place.

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trumpet_guy(502) Disputed
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Wouldn't that be preventing the exercise thereof?

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Cartman(18192) Disputed
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Should people have sex in public places? Is it really that hard for you to pray at home?

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